About us

Founded in the Fall of 2016, COLOR ME COOL is a coloring book brand based out of New York, NY. COLOR ME COOL conceives coloring books that are inspired by the culture, and created for the culture. We believe that coloring is not something one should cease beyond childhood. Our coloring books are aimed at encouraging a generation to foster and maintain a relationship with coloring, that they would have otherwise lost.

Coloring books are a form of therapy. Coloring books bring people a sense of youth, and help with developing ne motor skills and vision, reducing anxiety and creating focus, and relieving stress and anxiety. Concentrating on coloring can facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. They are also a way to get away from technology, which some regard as beneficial to people’s health.

Each COLOR ME COOL coloring book release will feature a new artist, and study. COLOR ME COOL will continue to work with a diverse range of creatives to offer a fresh perspective on “the coloring book” and capture pop culture one book at a time.